About GCKA

Greater Carolina Kerala Association is a non-profit organization functioning with the core purpose of promoting and facilitating the cultural, educational, social and economic welfare of the Carolina Keralites and the surrounding community at large. GCKA also cultivates and promotes the development and advancement of the knowledge of the Malayalam language and literature.

GCKA does not have any political, religious or other partisan affiliation.

Our Goals:

  • Maintain Kerala's rich and versatile cultural heritage
  • Enrich the contemporary society by providing ample opportunities for contributing towards our cultural heritage
  • Educate the next generation on our cultural heritage and handhold them in adopting and enjoying this in future

History of GCKA:

GCKA's history dates back to early seventies. It all started when about nine Keralite families settled in the Triangle area occasionally got together in their homes to celebrate social occasions. These nine families included Dr. Abraham Philip & Mrs. Ramani Philip, Prof. K.V. Mani & Mrs. Annakutty Mani, Dr. Suchindran(then a student) & Mrs. Hamsa Suchindran and, Mr. Ravi Mathew & Mrs. Mary Mathew who are all familiar to us. These families also represented Kerala in various Indian functions in the local area.

In 1987, a Kerala Association was formally born under the able initiative of Dr. P.K.George. Subsequently, the association started organizing annual events, like Onam, Christmas, Picnic, etc. Over a period, the membership also started growing significantly and in May 2001, the current Greater Carolina Kerala Association was registered as a non-profit corporation with the North Carolina Secretary of State.

Presently the association consists of 400+ families not only living in and around the Triangle area but also hailing from the adjacent places like Greensboro, Charlotte etc. Association activities are not just limited to annual social gatherings like Onam, Christmas, Picnic etc but also other enriching activities like conducting Malayalam classes and running a Malayalam library. Association is also empowered with a Youth Forum which gets involved in several volunteering activities within and outside Triangle area.

Our Activities:

The GCKA currently puts together the following major activities:

  • Onam Cultural Celebration, Karshakashree awards, Onam Pookala matsaram (August / September)
  • Christmas/New Year Celebration  (December)
  • Social Get-together (April / May)
  • Picnic (July / August)
  • Annual Volleyball Tournament
  • Annual Badminton Tournament
  • Malayalam Calendar
  • Souvenir (Yearbook / Directory)
  • Malayalam Classes for kids
  • Malayalam Library
  • Youth Forum Activities

For more information on these activities please click the Event & Activities link on this website.

All the activities above are conducted via voluntary help from members of the community as well as economic assistance & sponsorships from the commercial interests within the community and around the region. Annual memberships is a good way to contribute towards the functioning of the association as well as derive key benefits for the members as follows.

  • Opportunities to meet fellow Malayalees and contribute to the growth of the community. Cultivate and foster our cultural heritage with our children and among ourselves.
  • Timely notice of community events.
  • Membership fee may be tax deductible depending upon your tax situation.
  • Discounts on various GCKA sponsored events(Movies, Christmas, Onam etc.).
  • Free participation for Annual Social and Picnic.
  • Free individual copy of Annual Malayalam Calendar and Souvenir.

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