Help Kerala - GCKA Flood Relief Fundraising

Posted on Fri, 17 Aug 2018 11:01:33 -0400

Save Kerala !!!... our god’s own country needs a helping hand !

As you know, the situation in Kerala is getting worse every minute. Our families, friends and other people are struggling back there. We are also aware that many of our members are affected with this disaster and they feel helpless here !

GCKA likes to reach out to each of you on this occasion, requesting to put our hands together to help our sweet land and people.

We setup the following fund raising campaign. Yes, together we can make it.!

Please use the PayPal link :

                 Use Square link :$gcka

OR Checks payable to,


               P.O. Box 1271

               Apex, NC 27502-1271

You can also contact the BOD members for cash transactions.

Your contribution to this cause is voluntary. The BOD would take further actions with the recommendation of GCKA Emergency Fund Committee.